Top 10 things to do in Bohol Island

Bohol Island is a must when visiting the Philippines and can be accessed by plane and boat. Whether you’re staying on the island for a day or two or you’re planning to spend your whole holiday there, there’s plenty to do for everyone. Here’s the top 10 things to do when visiting Bohol island.

1- Alona Beach

Alona beach is arguably the most popular beach on Panglao with many resorts, hostels and hotels nearby. The beachfront offers a range of bars and restaurants to suit everyone – along with great views of the sunset each evening.

2- Island Hopping

The two most popular island hopping destinations from Bohol are Balicasag and Pamilacan. Both have great diving spots, however Pamilacan is the quieter of the two, with less crowds. It’s really easy to find boat rides from Bohol to other islands and a great way to spend a day!

3- Loboc River

Loboc River is one of Bohol’s top tourist destination’s and really is worth the trip. The best way to see the river is to climb aboard the small bancas or floating restaurants and witness the vista of lush tropical vegetation, beautiful scenes and local wildlife.

4- Chocolate Hills

Undoubtedly the most famous site in Bohol and possibly the Philippines, tourists flock from all around the world to see the unusual formations known as the Chocolate Hills. There are an estimated 1,300 hills within a 20sq mile patch of land, and they stretch into the distance as far as the eye can see.

5- Tarsier Sanctuary

Bohol is the best place in the Philippines to get up and close to Tarsiers. These highly endangered animals aren’t found in many other places and so it really is worth a visit to the Philippines Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary.

6- Antequera and Mag-Aso Falls

Mag-Aso Falls are eight-meter twin waterfalls situated at the bottom of a deep gorge. They really are beautiful to see with their turquoise water surrounded by tropical flora and fauna – it looks like a lost paradise. Located away from most of Bohol’s main attractions, it tends to be very peaceful and quiet all the time, so a perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon.

7- Man-made forest

Bohol’s Bilar forest is entirely man-made and stretches over 2km between Loboc and Bilar. The tress were planted to combat global warming and deforestation and is mainly composed of Mahogany trees.

8- Diving

There are a number of great diving spots surrounding Bohol island but some of the best can be found just 5 minutes off the shore of Alona Beach. Grab a boat to take you out there to witness the beautiful coral and colorful small fish.

9- Baclayon Church

Although most of the church was destroyed by earthquakes in October 2013, this declared National Treasure site is still worth visiting. Founded in 1596, the church forms part of a chain with three other Roman Catholic churches, and Baclayon received less damage than the others.

10- Dumaluan Beach

Dumaluan Beach draws more locals than tourist and is a great alternative to the more lively Alona Beach. It still has a number of high-end resorts, however it is much cleaner and wider than Alona and the waters appear much clearer.




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