Top 10 things to do in Siquijor Island

Siquijor Island was my favourite place in the Philippines. Every part of the island was mesmerising, the people were extremely friendly and I’ve never seen such clear waters! It really is a must when visiting the Philippines. Be sure to hire a scooter to get around the island – it isn’t very big (only takes around 2 hours maximum to get around the whole island!) so it’s the perfect place to cruise around on a scooter and take in all the incredible wonders it has on offer.

1- Cambugahay Falls

Visiting Cambugahay Falls is a must. They’re beautiful to see, refreshing to swim in, and great fun to jump over. That’s right, you can jump into the falls – a bucket list item right there! Or for those more adventurous, you can grab a vine and swing straight into the natural pools.

2- Salagdoong Beach

A true must when visiting Siquijor is Salagdoong Beach- it’s main feature being the cliff jumps! While not for the faint hearted, the 35 foot jump is both exhilarating and memorable and I cannot recommend it enough. There is also the option of a 20 foot jump and waterslide – all of which are great fun! For those who prefer to relax don’t let this put you off. The white sand and crystal clear water is a must for a relaxing beach day – be sure to try the fried chicken at Salagdoong Resort beach front cafe, it’s the best in the country.

3- Coco Grove Beach Resort

This is no ordinary resort. First of all, it’s located in front of a marine sanctuary and is a well-renowned diving spot. But on top of that, it has everything you want and more. The resort is beautifully incorporated with the beach with stunning greenery, white sand and crystal waters while also having all the commodities possible including restaurant, bar, spa and swimming pools.

4- Kagusuan Beach

Kagusuan Beach can be hard to locate as it is situated in a secluded area on the south eastern side of Siquijor. However, don’t let that put you off. Once you reach the beach you will be rewarded by magnificent views, crystal clear blue waters, and pristine white sand.

5- Legends Bar at sunset

If you have an evening to spare, watching the sunset from Legends Bar is a must. The views out across the sea are beautiful but not only that, but as the sun set, the turtles appear and you can see them coming up to the surface for air, a truly magical experience.

6- Lugnason Falls (San Juan)

While not as grand as Cambugahay Falls, Lugnason Falls are still worth the visit. They are much smaller in size but give you the option of a forest trek following the waterfalls upwards offering scenic views of the surrounding forest.


7- Paliton Beach

Paliton beach has to be one of the best beaches on the island. When visiting, be sure to bring with you a snorkel and prepare to be mesmerized by the rich marine life lying beneath the waters.

8- Old Enchanted Balete Tree

Aside from admiring this 400-year old balete tree for its enormous size you can also enjoy a relaxing fish spa here. You’ve also got the option to see monkeys and beautiful birds nearby – so keep your eyes open!

9- St. Francis of Assisi Church

The St. Francis de Assisi Church is the first landmark you will see when you arrive at Siquijor port. Sitting beside the church bell tower, this 200-year old church is a welcoming site to the island.

10- Mt Bandilaan

You have the option of trekking Mt Bandilaan or driving it. If you are on a scooter I highly recommend checking it’s strong enough for the steep inclines (ours sure wasn’t) otherwise it can prove both dangerous and tiring. That said, if you have the chance to visit Mt Banidlaan, the views from the top are incredible as you look out over the whole island.




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