Krabi – Must see and do

After the Phi Phi Islands it was time to head back to the mainland, in particular, a town called Krabi. It cost 350 Baht for the ferry across which took an hour and a half and included a free shuttle to our hotel, JP Mansion. We stayed there for three nights which was the perfect amount of time.

Once reaching Krabi, we spent the first afternoon wandering around the town to gain our bearings. We found a really good food market a few blocks from our hotel where you could get two dishes and rice for 50 baht,  and my was it good food! Definitely the best massaman curry in Krabi! Not only was this unreal, but they also did oreo milkshakes for 25 baht, which I really recommend trying if you’re in the area! After filling ourselves up on food and milkshakes we decided to head to the temple situated in the middle of the town first, Wat Kaew. The outside of the building was beautiful, all white, with the inside being decorated by very detailed paintings. Afterwards, we decided to head to Wat Tham Suea (also known as the tiger cave temple) by scooter, costing us 100 baht each way. This really is worth the trip. The buddha is situated at the top of a hill 1,237 steps away and while it is a long way up, tiring and steep, the views are worth it. Once up there you can see across the whole of Krabi, the beautiful green forests, rice paddy’s, and villages. It takes a little while to climb up, allow around 30-40 minutes. After climbing up the mountain, also building up an appetite, the owner of our guesthouse gave us directions to another local market set up in the evenings, which turned out to be our favourite.  They had a real variation of foods, clothes and live music, a must if you’re staying nearby.

We spent the next morning learning how to rock-climb at Railay beach. Railay is attached to the mainland but can only be accessed by boat and really is a lovely spot to spend the day.  From 9 till 12 we had our rock-climbing course which was great fun. They taught us the basic knowledge needed before we were set on our way climbing different parts of the cliff edges. I’d never been rock-climbing before, but it was great fun and easy to pick up. We then stayed at the beach for the rest of the day making our quay around the town,  before deciding to climb up to the lagoon and view point. And I mean climb. It wasnt a path,  you literally had to climb up the rocks for a good 30 minutes to reach the lagoon. Not only that, but the rocks were really muddy and very slippery which wasn’t helped at all when it started to chuck it down with rain just as we reached the lagoon. It’s safe to say I slipped most the way back down rather than climbed and several items of clothing and trainers were ruined in the process. That said, the views were worth it, as was the lagoon,  just a shame it started raining! Once back, cleaned up and showered we decided to head back to the night market.

We wanted to head to the blue lagoon and hot springs while in Krabi so decided to spend our last full day on a scooter making the journey. What we were told was a 40 minute journey was actually over 2 hours! A long time riding a scooter along one stretch of road,  but nonetheless we made it, and just in time for the rain yet again! Well, we made it to the lagoon not quite the hot springs.  The rain got very heavy very quickly bringing with it a thunder storm so we decided to take the safer option of buying waterproof ponchos for 30 baht each, and start the 2 hour drive back,  only this time it was in the pouring, freezing rain. It felt like a long journey back mostly because it was, but we made it back in one piece. We then decided the cold and rained called for comfort food so headed to a small italian restaurant not far from our hotel, trying to avoid any further rain.

Krabi was by far the best part of south thailand for me. I felt like we had got a feel for Thai culture there, and the market was incredible.  If heading to Krabi, I definitely recommend staying in the town rather than beach for for a more traditional thai stay.

Next up, Bangkok.


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