So our trip to the Philippines is over and Thailand is our next adventure. We’ve spent five nights in Patong, Phuket which was VERY different to anywhere we had been in the Philippines. Patong is very much a party town with food, tour and shop prices being very high due to the high number of tourists on the island. That said, the night market is a must! All the foods are low in price, but taste incredible in true Thai style. We stayed at Stanley’s Guesthouse for our entire five nights in Patong. The room itself was huge, had hot water, air con and great wifi, the staff were also really friendly and the location was perfect – close to everything!

We spent our first day on the island running errands, washing our clothes and checking out the town before looking into the tours available. The most popular tours seemed to be of James Bond island, and the ones surrounding. Although I’m sure this is a great trip, we didn’t see the point in paying such high prices to see a rock in the sea so instead decided to book the water rafting and ATV trip for our second day (1200 Baht). As a heads up to those booking tours in Patong, the leaflets have a very high price printed, however they all dropped the price to less than a third once interested so make sure you barter!  After organising the tours, we spent the evening at Tiger Bar on Bangla Road where the beers were 80 Baht on happy hour. Before heading to Thailand everyone always told me how cheap beer is there, I’m yet to see the cheap beer… That said, we met a really friendly couple from Australia and spent the evening talking to them while intermittently being given head massages by the staff at the bar!

Our second day was spent at an adventure park. The day consisted of water rafting, ATV driving, zip lining and an inflatable slide. It was a fun way to spend the day and try loads of different activities. While none of the activities themselves were incredible,  they were good fun for the price. I’d definitely recommend doing the inflatable slide, being honest it was pretty scary, but it was so much fun!  We then spent the evening on Bangka road again, watching live music at a number of bars and drank more beer.

We decided to save our money and not book any more trips as none of them really stood out to us and really didn’t seem worth the cost. Instead we caught a taxi to Karon beach (350 Baht) where we had lunch before walking along the shores up to Kata Beach. The beaches here were much better than Patong Beach, the waters much clearer and a lot less rubbish lying around. Also the towns themselves were a lot more relaxed and less touristy. We spent some time drinking mojitos on the beach before swimming in the sea. The rest of the evening was spent drinking more cocktails at The Place Bar where they were just 99 Baht each (the cheapest were could find) before heading to Monsoon bar for 49 Baht beers and later to Burger King.

Unfortunately,  it turns out the chicken burger I brought from Burger King wasn’t cooked properly and yet again, I came down with food poisoning. The one time I eat in a restaurant not a market stall and I’m ill. Makes no sense. Anyway, it meant that our last day in Phuket was spent in our room instead of visiting the temple and Buddha statute which was a shame. We then booked a one way ticket to Phi Phi Islands for 500 Baht each where we spent the next few days!

My advice on Thailand so far: eat at the markets and save your money and stomach the pain!


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