Bohol Island 

So our time in Bohol has been… wet. It has quite literally pissed it down for three days straight, and guess what, we were only here for three days! That being said, I have about 6 photos of my time here in total, all of which consist of dark gloomy clouds and rain (not the most instagram friendly). The most I’ve seen the past three days is my apartment room, the beach bar,  and unfortunately the toilet bowl from drinking too much at said beach bar.

From the top.. we caught the fastcat ferry from Larina in Siquijor to Taglibaran in Bohol for 700php each, which turmed out to be the best ferry ride so far, but then it was really expensive! We first booked a hotel in Tagilbaran for four nights called Staylite.  Massive mistake. The hotel was from hell. The location was simply in the middle of the city slums,  something I wouldn’t have minded had I felt safe walking in and out of the building, but I didn’t.  It also turned out that it was primarily rented out to local families, resulting in groups of teenagers hanging out outside the hotel and in the reception making me, stand out like a sore thumb! Anyway,  we checked in (they got our booking wrong obviously and tried to get us to pay for two rooms) then once in the room we had booked, there were ants everywhere and no water coming out of the shower.  The free wifi also never worked so we decided to have a little walk around the area. The city itself is just a smaller version of cebu, not much there to see at all really. We headed out to what seemed to be the only restaurant in the city, which was actually really good. We opted for the fried chicken, noodles and shanghai lumpia and it ended up being one of the cheapest meals so far  (around 600 php between us). For anyone in the same situation as us i recommend eating there, it’s right next to the ferry port you Ican’t miss it! Anyway the next day came along and we decided to order breakfast, however over an hour later it still hadn’t arrived.  I went down to reception to ask again and the same girl told me they had closed its kitchen. A local woman who lived there overheard me and thankfully stock up for me and started arguing on my behalf. The staff never looked at me after that. Anyway, we had had enough, decided to head to the city again to find wifi this time and book a hotel on alona beach.

Once we left the hotel, we jumped in a tricycle from the ferry port, which obviously knowing our luck, the driver ended up living at the hotel and tried to get us to stay there. Trying to stay polite but adamant on alona beach, we finally arrived at our new hotel, Captains lodge and bar, and it was truly beautiful! Well worth a stay.  Beers in the fridge are only 45php for two (are only bargain!) Plus the wifi was incredible. The only then downside was that it rained then whole time we were are only alona beach. We didn’t get to see any of the island. We spent our first afternoon setting up camp in a bar on the waterfront with the cheapest beers and two mojitos for 95php. That’s where I then stayed from 3pm till 11pm without any food all day, until I became too drunk to dance and chat any longer and was dragged home and put to bed. The only parts I remember was talking to a chinese paper copy editor  from London and has filipino girlfriend, a bloke from Texas and his daughter, a bloke from America who looked like he was an American biker (woke up with a Facebook request from said biker…) and the owners of the bar. Apparently a lot more happened, I ended up dancing and then sulking in the corner but I don’t remember much else. The next day was the hangover from hell. We went for all,  you can eat breakfast at the outback bar which was rubbish, greasy, cold and not great for the hangover. I then spent the remainder of the morning in bed before heading for a swim in the sea water, in the rain… definitely a way to wake you up, before heading out for dinner.  The next day was pretty similar as it pissed it down yet again.  We went swimming in the morning in the sea and brought snorkels but the rain never stopped so we ended up coming back to sort out our tax back… WOO!

Our time in Bohol has been different. We saw nothing except rain. I’m staying hopeful that Palawan brings nothing but sunshine! See you on the flipside!

P.s – no photos attached as they are all dismal.

P.s – you can have one just to prove the fact it did rain.


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