Siquijor Island 

Sat waiting for our tricycle to pick us up and take us to the ferry port, I thought now would be a good time to update you on our last few days.

After leaving Moalboal on Thursday, we caught a bus down to Baton costing us around 70 php each, before jumping on a ferry to Dumaguete (120 php) . The ferry took just under half an hour to reach the island where we were then bombarded by offers for transport to the next ferry port. Unlike Cebu and Moalboal, none of the drivers in Dumaguete had official transport certificates leaving us feeling around little nervous about the cost of travel. After a bit of haggling, we got a tricycle to the next ferry port for 400 php which, in the end seemed fair at it was quite a distance. Once at the port we brought our tickets for the Siquijor ferry costing 130 php each. There seemed to be a ferry every hour or so which was a lot better than we anticipated.

The ferry trip itself was long and hot, with all the windows closed it felt a bit like a sauna, topped with the fact you hold your luggage on your lap, it wasn’t the most comfortable of rides. That being said,  we had a nice chat with a Filipino couple on the way, slept a little and read a little, so the hour and a half trip wasn’t too wasted.

Once in Siquijor we jumped on a tricycle to our guesthouse (500 php) in Lazi which was over 35km away, along ride when on the side of a scooter that can’t travel any more than 30 kilometres per hour! We were staying in Xylla Guesthouse which was run by a local Filipino family. As soon as we stepped foot on the property we were welcomed into the family and felt at ease on our decision.  The property itself consisted of the main house for the family and then a few other rooms for guests. The whole family were friendly, caring and helpful and they even had a puppy (trip made right there!). We spent the evening in the main room eating home made filipino dinner, playing cards and watching TV,  it was just what we needed.

The next day after breakfast we rented scooters a hit the road. Before this point I had never rode a scooter before, and my history with pushbikes isn’t great but that said, riding a scooter turned out to be really easy.  One YouTube video later and I felt like I had been doing it for years. We set off for Salagdoong resort where the famous cliff jump was, when we first arrived the jumps were closed off due to the low tide but after a quick swim in the crystal clear sea, the ropes were down and we were the first off the edge. It was high. But luckily you had to run and jump,  leaving no time to back out or contemplate the fall. It was great fun! After a few jumps, a couple of paddles and some photographs later we head off to the resort cafe for lunch. It’s the best food I’ve eaten on the island – the flavours were unreal! Once full, we headed off for Cambughary falls and my were they BEAUTIFUL! The waters were crystal clear and so blue! We spent the afternoon swimming in the natural pools and jumping into the waterfalls, it was great fun and a brilliant way to spend the day.

The next day begun with a trip to the enchanted Balete tree where we sat beneath the tree with our legs in the water, fishing eating away at our skin. I’m still not sure how I feel about the idea of fish eating my skin.. it definitely feels weird! Afterwards, we headed off for Lunagsun falls which again, were just truly beautiful! We swam in the pool beneath the falls, I dived into the water a few times (well tried to) before heading off along the track that lead you along the path of 11 other waterfalls.  It was a great way to spend the morning and was very refreshing! We then drove along the coast,  stopping at Treasure Island Resort for lunch and a paddle in the crystal clear, white sand beaches. It was then time to head to Mt. Bandilaan for some incredible views across the whole island. The drive itself was steep, bendy and hard work on a scooter but we made it to the top eventually. On the way back down and on our return to Xylla, we decided to stop at legends bar for food. Whilst there we were able to witness the beautiful sunset off the coast while sat looking out to the sea. It was incredible to say the least, and got even better when we suddenly saw turtles swimming in the water beneath us – you can’t get much better than That!

Our time in Siquijor has been incredible and was so worth the visit but now it’s time to head to Bohol!



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