Sydney to Moalboal

I’m currently sat in in a small cafe in moalboal (cebu, philippines) about 10 metres away from the sea with a cup of tea and fresh bread… I’m definitely in that holiday spirit.

Our journey so far..

We left sydney on Sunday,  flew to Kuala Lumpur airport for an eight hour lay over, then flew straight to Cebu. I spent the first flight asleep from start to end, then slept in the airport for a good three hours at least, before heading off to find some breakfast. Once full, we settled down on the airport floor once again and surrounded ourselves with chocolate whilst binge watching our way through the inbetweeners. The second flight went relatively quickly, spending most of it either asleep or watching ‘What happens in Vegas’.

Once out of the airport, we caught a taxi to our hostel ‘Cebu guesthouse’ for 330php. The hostel staff were very friendly. We stayed in a double private room with shared shower and bathroom. The room was very basic, just a double bed and a desk (no plug sockets unfortunately) and the bathroom matched that basic design with just a shower head and basin, but it was all we really needed so had no reason to be dissapointed. We spent that night wondering the streets of Cebu looking for somewhere to eat ending up at a Filipino chicken restaurant costing around 800php for the both of us. We were shocked by the number of security and police officers around with guns… something we didn’t quite expect. There is a real sign of poverty in Cebu with children naked on the streets begging, families sleeping on pavements, a sight I don’t think anyone could prepare themselves for, but nonetheless everyone seemed happy and welcoming.

The next day we wandered around cebu city before heading to the southern bus terminal to catch a coach down to Moalboal. Once in moalboal we stayed in ‘Moalboal Backpacker lodge’ which we were pleasantly surprised about. Our room was huge,  with its own bathroom, kitchenette and plenty plug sockets! The staff there were extremely helpful and went out of their way to organise our trips and and accomodation for the next day. We then went for a wonder around the streets, heading along the beaches before settling at a bar on the sea front for a few beers (48php each!!) to watch the sunset. We then headed out for dinner at a Filipino restaurant at the far end of the street where I had garlic prawns (safe to say the best prawns i’ve ever eaten in my life) and mikey went for Thai inspired noodles. Before coming to the Philippines I was hesitant about the food, but so far, it’s all been incredible!

The next day was where our adventures began. We were up and out of the hostel for 5 am, on the back of an open truck with no seats or windows,  heading south for an hour and a half headed for oslob – the town known for wake shark diving, and that’s exactly what we did! After our ‘thrilling’ drive down (one that will forever be scarred in my memory and I’m sure, the old woman’s we nearly killed) we were rushed into a queue given life jackets and snorkels before being pushed into a boat and paddled out into the water. Above the sea was mayhem, tourists everywhere, being dragged from one place to another but under the water was magical. I have never seen something so big, so calm and so close to me in all my life. The whale sharks were truly astonishing and I am so glad I got to swim alongside them! We then had breakfast at a street stand on the way out of Oslob. This was the first time we had really tried the street food, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Besides the fish head, and bone beans, breakfast was good consisting of a mix of rice, barbecued chicken, sausages and some other things I couldn’t name.

The next part of our trip took us canyoning in a town called Badian (just south of Moalboal), before ending with a wonderful swim under the waterfalls. This was by far the best part of my day. I jumped from heights I never expected myself to jump from, slid down natural waterslides, swam in crystal clear waters – it was all truly magical. It also took me on my first ever motorbike ride,  three of us per bike, riding through the mountains on dirt tracks along cliff edges – it was definitely the way to break my motorbike virginity. The whole trip was extremely thrilling from start to end, exciting and just great fun. An experience I would do again in a heartbeat. The whole day was organised by our hostel costing us 4000php each, which included the whale sharks, canyoning,  street food breakfast and a buffet lunch under the waterfalls and was worth every peso! The group we done the tour with were all

We spent the evening in a bar drinking litre bottles of beer before heading off for pizza (comfort food was much needed) and then an early night ready for today’s adventures!


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