It’s 2017. Yep, a new year and what will it bring I wonder… The past year has been great, a learning curve for definite but it’s also been very last minute. I spent most of 2016 not knowing what I was doing the following week or what my plans were but in the end, it worked out, and it definitely worked out for the better. I guess I should stick with this approach right? When living away from home it’s hard to have a stable routine, plan or anything really as you never quite know where your next step will take you. Before I left England, I had to know everything, would get stressed not knowing and couldn’t deal with the old ‘leave it to fate’ ‘what will be will be’ outlook – it wasn’t for me. And while I still like to look forward to what is coming my way, I’ve learnt to live more in the moment and worry less about what might happen and more about what is happening. Don’t get me wrong, when travelling it is important to look forward at what is to come, I mean it gets you through the hard days, through the homesickness and through the hours spent at work but it’s also important to remember just why you’re here. You need to enjoy every moment life throws at you because no matter how much you plan for tomorrow, tomorrow never comes and each day holds more possibilities. So here’s to the next year, wherever it may take me, whoever I shall meet, I can’t wait for it all.


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