Our Queensland Adventure 

A cancelled flight later and we’re once again sat in the airport waiting to board our flight to Bali. It’s been six days since we left Tully but in a weird way it feels like a life time ago. It really is as though I’ve closed that book and onto the next one. There are the odd moments of reminisce and the sudden realisation every now and again that i wont be going back, but all in all it feels great to be on the move again.

We spent Friday night through till Sunday morning in Townsville where we asjusted to the feeling of civilisation once again before watching North Queensland Cowboys vs Melbourne Storm. While the score was a little disappointing, the atmosphere was great. For only $20 a ticket, there was nothing to fault. It was a worhwhile experience and a great way to spend the night.

From Sunday morning through till Monday afternoon we decided to head down to Airlie Beach to check out The Whitsundays. The last trip I went on there, while it was really good, it was overly priced so we decided to try something different. What better way to see the islands than kayaking through the by yourself? It was a great way to spend the day, and n even better way to see the natural beauty held within the islands. At just $80 each, we got to take the kayaks out till around 1pm, go turtle and pelican spotting and snorkel in the beautiful reefs, definitely the better and more full on option to seeing the Whitsunday Islands.

We headed back to Townsville Monday evening ready for our flight to Bali that night,  however 20 minutes into boarding the announcement was suddenly made that the flight was cancelled due to volcanic ash on route. While we would rather delay the flight than go through that (obviously) we would have liked a bit of communication with Jetstar. We were quite literally left to pick the pieces up ourselves.  We walked out to find bags chucked in the floor, before being kicked out the airport because it was closed. After desperately looking for any hostel still open at 12:30 in the morning, we headed back into town via taxi, drained and confused as to what was going on. The next day, they failed to tell us anything. We were left on Monday night with the reassurance that they would be rebooking us onto a flight on Tuesday but that never happened.  Three days later, a 6 hour bus journey, countless phone calls to the airline we are sat in Cairns airport waiting to hopefully board another flight to Bali. To say we are dissapointed in the airline is an understatement. Anyway, here’s hoping we lose no more money,  no more precious days of our holiday and we land in Bali tonight. On the plus side, staying in townsville an extra few days did mean we got to climb castle hill and witness the beautiful views over the city.. probably the only plus side of all this commotion.

Anyway, onto the next chapter. Bali, take two.


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