Tully so far

It’s weird to think I’ve been in Tully for three weeks now.. It feels like I’ve been there forever but then it only feels like yesterday that I said goodbye to Chantelle. I moved to Tully in hope to start work, in particular, on a banana farm but unfortunately due to lack of rain the past few weeks and what feels like a clash of personalities with the woman who organises work.. I’m still unemployed and could be for another four weeks. To most at home, that probably sounds great. Seven weeks of nothing, able to do what you want. Swimming pools, sun, what else do you want? But when you’ve been doing that for four months, there’s nothing more I’d want right now than a job, an income and a routine. I’m down to my last $50 which, seeing as I’d originally planned for my money to only last until January, I’ve done rather well. However, now is not the time to run out of money. As we all know, lack of money brings stress, an with that, brings worry for my travelling plans but I’ve come to think, there’s no point worrying as it’ll get me nowhere. All I can do is be productive, use my time wisely and apply for jobs across the whole of aus, but in the mean time, pray and hope that something comes up in Tully. In the mean time, I’ve started work in the only bar/club in Tully.. That’s right, I’m working behind a bar – never thought I’d see the day! But after my first shift last week, I did really enjoy it! Don’t get me wrong, I do feel a bit left out of everything because I can’t get involved on the only night out of the week, but that being said, I need the money more than anything right now, so needs must! 

It seems crazy to think that after being in the town for a week, there was nowhere else I’d rather be. I mean, the town itself is tiny, there’s not much to do apart from regularly visit the the only supermarket for air-con, and read your book by the pool, other than that there’s not much on offer, but that being said, I’ve met some of the most incredible people in Tully. As soon as I walked into the hostel I felt welcome. Seeing the guys from Sydney really did help and it’s been great being able to get to know them all properly this time. At first, I was apprehensive moving into the hostel as the only space was in the all boys room (sounds odd, seeing as I’m a girl, but apparently they all approved) but instantly I felt like part of the group. They are all incredible people in their own way and have really made me feel at home, even with their regular sexual innuendos! There are so many people I’ve met in the hostel that I’d miss already, so many people that I instantly connected with and wouldn’t want to leave. It was hard leaving Chantelle and going my own way, I was worried how well I’d get on with people, in particular girls as I’ve never been great at having female friends, but I can honestly say that I’ve met two incredible girls who have made my time in Tully already. If it wasn’t for them, my days would drag, i wouldn’t smile anywhere near as much, and I wouldn’t feel myself without them in the hostel. I instantly felt connected to them both and they really do feel like sisters to me! They even remind me of my sisters, which I think has made me feel even more at home! I honestly cannot imagine Tully life without them! Right now, although funds are short, I’m sure I’ll find a way to get through and who knows where I’ll be in a week, two weeks, or even a months time, but right now my heart is in Tully, so for the time being, in staying put! 


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