So, two weeks on, I’m now in Sydney and landing in Adelaide seems ages ago, but it was an incredible couple of weeks spent with some amazing people.

When we landed in Adelaide, we spent the first week staying with Chantelle’s godmother, Rachael and her family, before heading over to their vineyard for the Christmas period with Chantelle’s family. Both of their homes were beautiful, incredibly designed and a privilege to stay in. As were the company, Rachael and her family made me feel right at home and I loved every minute of my time with them. It was great to spend time with her two daughters as they reminded me of my sisters and gave me a sense of home.

We did a full range of sight seeing and tourist activities whilst in Adelaide, from the market on Sunday, to midnight shopping on Christmas Eve Eve, trips to the beach, afternoon at Port Elliot, sight seeing from Mount Lofty, ride in a Tiger Moth plane and Cleland Wildlife Park, it was a great way to spend the two weeks.

One of the highlights for me would have to be the flight in a Tiger Moth Aeroplane. It was an incredible experience as the wind was rushing around me. The views over South Australia from the plane were incredible, you could see for miles and with such a clear, blue sky, and the curvature of the earth was beautiful. All the staff at South Australia Skydive were amazing, helping all of us out, and ensuring we all had a great day whether that be by taking a flight in the Tiger Moth, or skydiving at 12,000ft. A day to remember!

Before heading to Adelaide, every Australian we spoke to seemed confused as to why we would head over to the city, but after my experience there, I’m the one confused as to why you wouldn’t want to go. The beautiful views across the vineyards, the crystal clear beaches and extensive range of day activities, I’d definitely recommend visiting Adelaide!



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