Without even realising, I’ve ticked three things off my bucket list in one week alone.

Visit a waterfall, walk through a rainforest and stay in a hostel – all completed and all such different experiences, but none I will ever forget.

The waterfalls I have seen the past few weeks have all been ones to remember. They’ve all been so different, but all beautiful in their own ways. My favourite three so far would have to be Russell Falls, Liffey Falls and Erskine Falls. Each one holds a different memory for me, but will be memories I will never forget. Every time I found myself at the foot of a waterfall I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder. The imagination, creation and clarity they brought to me and my mind was just incredible, a feeling I don’t think I’ll ever be able to shift. They allowed me space and time to realise just what was going through my head, whether it was at the time, or from worries before, it gave me a chance to reason with myself, speak aloud my problems and realise that afterall, they really aren’t problems at all, just challenges that I have overcome and fought back at.

In terms of rainforests, I don’t actually know if I’ve officially walked through a rainforest, but when in Tasmania there were many rainforests that we walked through in search of waterfalls and mountains that I think are sufficient to count. Again, the experience of them all was one to cherish. The smell also of growing plants, damp soil and fresh rain are ones I always find relaxing. Partly because of how much they remind me of home, but also because of how naturalistic and calming they are.

And then finally there is the experience of staying in hostels. I’ve stayed in at least ten hostels now and they have all been so different. From private rooms with ensuite showers, to sharing with twelve others it’s a right of path when travelling, and while many a night have been restless, I wouldn’t change a thing. Yes, there are parts to hostels that are terrible and I’d love to wipe all memory of them, but then there are other parts that are rewarding. Most the hostels we have passed through, people are living in, and have been for many months. While I don’t think I’d be able to do it myself, I’d like a little space if I was living somewhere, it was really heartwarming to see just how well everyone gets on as a group when living in hostels, they really do create themselves a home from home. While I’ve not stayed in one hostel for long, only really a matter of a few nights at a time, they really have been a home from home for me, and remind you also of all those little things you take for granted!


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