Heart on the move 

The thought of traveling was different to what it is, but then it hit me. Sat here, in the back of the car singing wonderwall I realised that travelling is where I have been my happiest. I thought I’d miss the reality of home, the routine, and the lifestyle but not once have I. Waking up somewhere different every day, seeing something beautiful each day, experiencing something new every day is where I feel like me. Where I feel happiest, and right now, it’s hit me, I am so happy I left home, left England, and left my old life behind. I don’t think I could ever look back now and think I’d made the wrong decision. Everything I’ve done has worked out perfectly and I am so happy for where I am now, where Ive got to, and what my future may hold. The best bit of advice I was given before leaving home was always go with your gut instinct. Let your heart lead you, not your mind, and right now I couldn’t be happier! Follow your gut, go with your desires, loves and instincts and live life the way you want to live it! 


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