Melbourne so far

The past few days have been rather busy. We’ve visited all the little spots you have to visit when in Melbourne, from the Eureka Sky Tower, to the Zoo, to all the museums and galleries.

On Sunday, we thought we would go for a wonder to the other side of the city, heading towards the docklands for the Sunday Market. We didn’t realise just how much would be over that side of the city, and such a variety as well. From shops, to restaurants, from laser quest to a children’s funfair, it was a great way to spend a sunny afternoon! After wondering around for a couple of hours, taking in the beautiful views over the harbour we headed back into the city, walking along the water until it was time for our afternoon nap in the park! Before heading back to the hostel we walked past one of the buskers, MEX FS who was simply incredible, but that I think is worthy of a post on its own!

Monday was then time for the zoo. I’m not one to usually go to zoo’s – we didn’t go much as children, and I’d much rather see animals in the wild than in enclosures, but when I found out there was a baby elephant, I was very easily persuaded, and to be honest, it was a great way to spend the day. I’ve never been to a zoo quite so clean, well kept and animal focused as Melbourne Zoo. All the animals had plenty of space, food and water and were well looked after. They also had such a wide variety, from elephants to lions; penguins to gorillas; bears to giraffes, there were so many animals; you couldn’t get bored visiting the place! It was then time to head back into the city and over to the Food Festival held along waterfront. The food was a mixture between Chinese, Japanese and Indian, all of which looked and smelt amazing. We ate at a few of the stands, making the most of the variation in food while we were there, but it is definitely worth a visit! The atmosphere was next to none, everyone was there to enjoy the wonder that is food, and share the experience with those around them.

On Tuesday we headed over to the Australia Centre for Moving Image, which held a range of artefacts from films and television shows over the past years along with the Mad Max car. It was a great way to learn about the growing media industry in Australia. We then spent Wednesday walking around the National Gallery of Victoria, which I found both inspirational and eye opening. A number of the exhibitions there got me thinking about a number of things, all of which will be written up separately but if there is one place I’ve visited since being in Melbourne that has opened my mind, and got me thinking about things, its here. It is definitely worth a visit! We then headed up the Eureka Sky Tower, which was simply incredible. It was amazing to see the city from so high up and to see so far out. The views were incredible and strangely, it didn’t feel so high once up there. After heading back down to earth it was time to head over to the Queen Victoria Evening Market, which again, was simply incredible. The atmosphere, food, live music and people were amazing. It was a great way to spend the evening and enjoy a drink along with live music. We spent most of the evening listening to Velvet Archers, who were simply amazing – but again, worthy of their own post! As of now, we were currently sat in the hostel waiting for our clothes to dry.. a long process apparently, but the next few days will see us heading along the Great Ocean Road for some fresh air and beautiful views, so until then, enjoy the photos!



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