Home away from home 

I don’t even know where to begin.. 

So we’ve moved into the bigger room now. What was meant to be a ten-bed mixed dorm has turned into a six-bed all girls, and frankly anyone that knows me well knows that I can’t deal with groups of girls. That besides the point we’ve moved into a room where all four of the girls are working in Melbourne and been living in this room for quite some time so we definitely feel a little out of place.. Otherwise though, it’s just a place to sleep and luckily were now closer to the bathroom! Silver linings ay? The only other down side is that the girl on my top bunk likes to sit on my bed no matter what time of day, I wouldn’t mind if I wasn’t there but it sure does make things hard when we come into the room.. There’s hardly any room as it is! 

We’ve spent the past few days walking some more. We’ve been to the Museum of Melbourne, gone a hunt for bars and made ourselves feel at home in the city.    


 Right now, I’m led in my little bunk bed feeling sorry for myself after a long night of drinking. Before I got here I was told about how expensive everything was, including alcohol, but yesterday we saw that wine was $5 a bottle.. Yep, £2.50 – something you definitely can’t argue with! After sneaking it into the hostel in plastic bottles (there’s a very strict no alcohol policy in bedrooms) we drunk the wine in our room before heading downstairs to play beer pong in the bar, giving me a chance to reminisce over university. We then ended up in one of the deepest conversations you can have with a person, let alone a stranger, talking about everything from life to death, heroes to animals, it was rather different shall we say! We then headed out, can’t tell you the names of the places we ended up but we stayed at the first bar until around 3:30 when it closed, before heading onto another ubtil 5:30. The first bar felt like home to me with the smell of incense sticks burning and dim lighting, it was rather cool. By the time we got to the next bar it was already pretty late with most of the people there being very drunk so we played a game of pool and sat around for a bit before heading back. All in all it was a pretty good night out, different to say the least, but good fun nonetheless! 


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