Easing  with time 

Melbourne truly is a beautiful city. It’s both quirky and classic. We spent yesterday sorting out all the boring things we needed for the trip – bank account, SIM card, tax number – that sort of thing before on the look out for second hand shops. 

It might sound odd that weve just landed and we’re already looking for clothes? Well according to the weather forecast Tasmania is currently ranging between -1 and 9 degrees, so we were in desperate need of something warmer than a pair of shorts! After a good search around we came across a little underground store that had something for everyone, even resulting in me buying my first pair of jeans in years! While the weather in Melbourne is brightening up slightly from when we landed it still isn’t warm here yet, and has even rained a few times so it’s good to have a few extra layers just in case. 

While on our mission to find second hand shops Aaron told us there was a dominos store near him that sold $5 pizzas – oviously we didn’t believe him. I mean dominos selling pizzas for  £2.50 when at home they’re £16!? Crazy! But I was happy to admit defeat when I found out that medium pizzas were infact $5 – so I think we can all guess where I’ll be eating regulary! 

After our trip around the town and a little laze in the park we headed back to the hostel and begun to plan our next few weeks. Having been fairly anti-social the past three days due to lack of sleep we figured we should go down to the bar for a drink. 

It was a bit daunting at first but once we were in there we felt right at home playing many games of jenga, pool and darts, along with $3 glasses of wine you can’t go wrong! 

We were both so nervous about the hostel at first, slightly put off by its size but last night definitely made things easier and has set us on our way for our big move today. That’s right, we’re doing from our own private room to a 10-bed shared, wish us luck! 


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