Photoshoot in the park 

After studying the map of Melbourne for a good while we decided that we would take a venture over to the south bank. 

What started as a race to see who could spot a possum first (unfortunately neither did..) turned out to to be a a five hour walk along with a three hour photoshoot. 

– Sounds odd I know, but I can explain! 

Our walk first took us through the Queen Victoria Gardens where we wondered around lakes taking in our surroundings. It was then time to head over to the Shrine of Rememberance, a beautiful place to spend Rememberancea Day. While we were there we walked around the shrine, taking in all the information they had about WW1 & WW2. It truly was a remarkable place, one perfect for remembering this that fought for their country. It was also amazing to witness just how many people visited the shrine yesterday for Rememberance Day, and the array in ages. 

After leaving the shrine we decided to head over to the Botanical Gardens which were ever so peaceful and calming even though they were so close to the city centre. After walking around non-stop for three hours we decided to lie down in the grass near one of the lakes. An innocent act we thought, but we then spent the next three hours having photographs taken of us, both with other people and on our own. It was a very sureal experience but one that just made us laugh – although it is weird to think where those photos might end up… 

After an eventful few hours we decided it was time to head back to the hostel which was when I found out that my brother had landed in Melbourne! With a quick five minute plan we decided to meet up and head out for dinner.

It was so surreal to see him at firsr, what with it being nearly a year ago that he left for traveling but the stories he had to tell were incredible. It’s amazing to think just how much he has done in eleven months! We ended up eating in Nandos, giving us all a sense of home before planning our next day which involves buying warm clothes, heading to the bank and sorting out tax numbers (fun times!)

I took so many photos and videos yesterday on my cameras but unfortunately can’t get wifi on my laptop so there will be a mass upload at some point I’m sure! In the mean time I’ll try take some more on my phone! 


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