Day 2 begins 

So our backpacking dream has begun and we’ve been in Australia for just over 27 hours now, having landed at 6am on Tuesday, it’s now 9am on Wednesday and after a much needed sleep, I’m ready for what the day might bring. 

After our double flight leaving on Sunday night, to say we were tired was an understatement. The lack of sleep over two nights really does wear you down, having said that though, both flights went rather smoothly. 

We are spending our first week in the Discovery Melbourne hostel so once we were off the flight we boarded the skybus to take us straight there. We then left our backpacks in the lockers for the day and set off sightseeing around the city. 

We wondered around the streets taking in what would be our home for just under two weeks. From an extraordinary Chinatown scene, to stalls being set up for food and music festivals, it looks as though Melbourne has a lot to offer. 

The array in shops was also something quite artistic. There was a good mix of highstreet, designer and vintage shops, all spread throughout the city centre all in unique buildings unlike anything around them. 

The city itself is beautiful to see. From high rise offices to dated architecture, it holds a lot of charatcer. No two buildings are the same, but that’s what makes the city skyline so beautiful. 

We stopped off at the cafe Corner Street to plan the rest of our day and were surprised at how welcoming it was. The staff were extremely friendly and the cafe itself was beautifully designed with mismatched furniture and homemade decor. 

We then set off for a wonder along the river down to Federation Square where we stocked up on tourist leaflets and were shocked by the number of people running at midday. Whole offices seemed to be on an afternoon run, while surprising at first, it seemed to be pretty common! 

It was then time to hed back to the hostel and check in. Our room consists of a bunk bed and a window, not much more but then what else do you really need? We took a wonder around, finding our footing along with the cinema room, kitchen and bar before heading back out for dinner at a nearby cafe.

By the end of the day, energy levels were low so it was an early night for us, but that does also mean an early start today. But we’re ready for what today will bring! 


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