I spent the last weekend in Manchester, a city I have always wanted to visit, and it’s safe to say, I fell in love so much so that, if I come back to England, I think Manchester is where I’m heading.

I can’t really explain why I fell in love with the city, but I just felt at home as soon as I stepped off the train. I loved the mix of office towers and old buildings, the mix of sophisticated bars and traditional teashops. It was a great balance between old and modern, being both beautifully realistic and cultural while still releasing an empowering vibe. As I walked around, watching the men walk past in suits and the women walk around in heels, I felt overwhelmed by achievement, I got the sense that you could do and be who you wanted to be, you just had to want it enough.

The city itself was lively, full of people, events and culture. From a food market, to a Diwali festival, to tipi hut bars and wooden cargo box cafes, there was such a beautiful mix of people and activities it made the city feel alive.

I’m in that frame of mind at the moment, unsure of what I want to do after travelling, whether to follow my heart and degree with a job in journalism, or follow my mind and determination and join the police force, but both of which would be incredible jobs to have in Manchester. While I was there my friend Zoe decided to take me to Media City, even with her pre-warning me that I was set to be amazed, I didn’t quite expect to feel quite so overwhelmed when visiting the area. My first thought alone was of amazement. It was a beautiful area, with incredible buildings, bridges and views, one I would be happy to work in for the rest of my life.

It made everything feel so promising, like anything was possible. I would love to one day be able to work in the offices there. Be able to walk around in a suit and look back at the first day I visited and feel proud of how far I have come. I have always wanted to be a journalist, I love to write but most of all I love to help others and in my eyes, what better way to do it than to tell their story. Who knows where I’ll be in the next year, five or ten years, but wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, as long as I’m going to work feeling the way I did the other day, I know I’ll be doing the right thing. I want to feel empowered and challenged by my job, but I also want to feel at home with my surroundings, ready to face what the new day brings.


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