Abseiling down the Spinnaker tower

So a few weeks back I abseiled down the Spinnaker Tower, I couldn’t tell you why I decided to do it, but I did it none the less and don’t regret it at all! It was a great way to end my three years at university in Portsmouth, I mean what better way to end an era than to see the city you’ve been living in from 170 meters up, tied to a rope to the side of the city’s biggest attraction.

The views up there were incredible. It was a lovely clear day so I could see for miles, right out past Gunwharf, past Southsea common, looking over at all the places I had visited, all the memories I had created over the past few years.

Alongside me was Chantelle, it was another one of our great adventures! I took one for the team, not only by stepping off the edge first, but also having to climb around the side of the tower, and hang on the rope for 7 minutes while she was set up and climbed down. But saying that, I got to enjoy the magnificent views while I waited so I can’t complain!

The climb itself wasn’t scary at all! I didn’t feel nervous stepping off the edge, or as I climbed down the side of the tower looking out at the buildings and boats below me. What I found scary, was when I was inside the tower, looking through the glass floor – that felt high, but climbing out the side really didn’t seem all that challenging.

It’s another thing to tick off the bucket list, a great way to end an era and a brilliant memory to cherish! Until the next adventure!


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