So today I jumped out of an airplane at 15,000ft, free fell through the sky for a minute and got to witness just how beautiful our planet is.

After originally being rescheduled, I can now confidently say I have completed a skydive for charity, jumping from 15,000ft along with the help of the guys at GoSkydive in Salisbury, and hand on my heart, I can say it is the best thing I have ever done in my life.

I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t apprehensive about the whole thing at first, because I was, but as soon as I stepped onto that plane, all fears and worries disappeared, adrenaline and excitement kicked in and before I knew it, I was falling through the sky towards the earth.

I was all set to board the rickety plane when my camera malfunctioned, after a bit of swapping around, we were ready to go but not without me boarding the plane last which meant, yes, I was the first to jump out!

The flight up was quite surreal – it was weird going backwards in a plane, but even weirder not being strapped in, just being strapped to a man on my back, who was increasingly getting closer as the straps tightened – not something I minded though, the tighter the straps the better! Then, once we reached 15,000ft it was thumbs up, the door pulled open and shuffle shuffle shuffle until I was dangling outside the plane, holding onto my straps, waiting for the instructor to let go.

I’d have to say the initial fall was the best part, although it is still a slight blur, that sudden rush of air and adrenaline is something words cannot describe. Surprisingly there was no uneasy feelings, no sudden realisation I was falling, just excitement as I learned to relax and late fate take its course.

It was the most surreal experience I have ever had. While really hard to breathe and ridiculously uncomfortable, I couldn’t help but think it didn’t matter, because the views were so amazing. When the parachute was sent up I was able to realise just what I was looking at. The cloud in front of me, the curvature of the earth, the green fields below me looked mesmerising from above, natures beauty at its finest.

Whilst up in the air, I was able to control the parachute guiding it from left to right, walking along clouds and round in circles. The instructor then spun the parachute round in circles which created such a rush of air, it was truly amazing.

The whole experience itself is one I will never forget and one I would do again in an instant. Looking back, I never really felt all that scared about the jump. The instructors have done it thousands of times and I can understand why. The views up there were mesmerising and truly beautiful, it was a privilege to experience such wonders.

To anyone wondering if they should do a skydive, I’d recommend it fully. I always thought about doing one, but never really thought I’d go through with it but I am so glad I did. It was truly amazing and all for a great cause!

If you haven’t already, please donate to Friends of PICU where all money raised will go towards helping critically ill children in the paediatric intensive care unit at Southampton General Hospital.

Until next time!


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