Stop and wonder

Do you ever stop to think how amazing it is that we are here. That we’re living on this planet, capable of anything. That we age, grow and learn. We age quicker than we realise. Suddenly, you look back at your life and realise just how far we’ve come, as individuals and as mankind. Looking at my family, it’s hard to think we were once babies, we once never existed, and one day we may never not again. We age quicker than we live. It’s at moments like this that make me realise how precious life really is. Life as a child I cannot remember unless someone reminds me. Memories are hidden, lost even, until someone brings them back to life, one day we may not remember our memories, our past but at least we can be told. Now is the time to make the most of life, do as you want, live life to the full but do it with those you love so that one day, you’ve got someone to share your stories with, to remind each other of how far you’ve come, and to lighten each others day when we’re old and grey. Go out, enjoy life and be with the ones you love so that one day, you can be sat on the sofa surrounded by your grandchildren inspiring them with your life tales.


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