Life is all but standing still

It’s been nearly 3 months since my last post and while I knew it had been a while, its crazy how quickly life seems to pass. Whether it’s because I’m older and now more aware of time perception or because routine has kicked in and days blend quickly into weeks, I don’t know, but what I do know is that time is passing by faster than I realise.

Since the last blog post a few events have passed, others nearing. I’m now a graduate from the university of Portsmouth after securing myself a first in Ba hons journalism – something I am ever so proud of because I never once thought it was possible. This resulted in me attending graduation and gradball (photos will be uploaded once im home) which were both truly amazing days that I will forever cherish. I also saw Ed Sheeran back in June in London – that was pretty amazing (but more on that in another post). I then went to Portugal for s week and now currently sat in a hotel in the middle of Istanbul! Both of which deserve their own post and photographs!

As well as all this I can finally say that I really am happy. No matter what people tell me, what they expect or desire, I’m following my heart, my desires and dreams. Not all people do, but I believe in forgiveness, in moving on and moving forward. We all make mistakes in order to learn from them and grow if we didn’t we would have nothing to work for. If we don’t forgive we cannot enjoy the future. I’ve forgiven others and I’ve been forgiven myself and now I am happier than ever. To live a happy life you need a clear conscious to not dwell on the past but look forward to all the opportunities. So forgive those from before and do what makes you happy now,not what might make you happy later on because life is all too short so grab the moment rather than plan for what might not happen.



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