Not everything is as it appears

If I’m smiling it doesn’t mean I’m happy.

If I’m sleeping it doesn’t mean I’m tired.

If I’m eating it doesn’t mean I’m hungry.

If I’m running it doesn’t mean I have a destination.

If I’m crying it doesn’t mean I’m sad.

If I’m laughing it doesn’t mean I’m amused.

If I don’t fight back it doesn’t mean I don’t care.

If I don’t say what I’m thinking it doesn’t mean I don’t feel it.

Just because someone appears to look, act, or say one thing it doesn’t mean it’s true. Don’t assume you understand another’s mind, we all go through our own troubles and put a face on to please others. Do as you please, but do to please yourself. Put yourself first and don’t try to be anything your not, but be aware that not all is as it seems.


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  1. brightonbipolar says:

    This is so very true…

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