A little trip to Cardiff

For my 21st birthday my wonderful and beautiful best friend booked tickets for me and her to go to not only go to Cardiff for the weekend, but also tickets to see Olly Murs. So for the Easter bank holiday we headed to Cardiff!

After a rather amusing train journey and witnessing 40-year-old versions of ourselves, we decided it was time for a spot of shopping! I’ve been to Cardiff a couple of times, once with my family to see Olly Murs on his first ever tour, once for valentines with Tristan, and then a final time with Tristan and his friends, but each time go, I fall in love with the city all over again. There are a number of shops, from high street stores, to independent brands, to vintage outlets, there really is something for everyone, along with a number of restaurants and cafes, you really are spoilt for choice!

We decided to make the most of the afternoon and eat at a restaurant, saving time after the concert, choosing to eat at Ruby Tuesday’s. What I would recommend having at Ruby Tuesday’s is the strawberry Sangria! I’m not a wine person, I don’t like the taste and it more than always gets me ridiculously drunk so I like to stay clear of it, however, for the first time ever, I actually enjoyed Sangria! Made of red wine, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry juice and lemonade, it really was beautiful – definitely worth a try!

It was then time to head to the hotel, drop off our things, get ready for the concert and for our night out in Cardiff!

Olly, as always, was amazing, energetic and enthusiastic. Supported by Ella Eyre it really was a great night. Olly mixed up the setlist with old and new album tracks all supported by his signature moves, showing off his talent at singing and entertaining! It was then time for a night out in Cardiff.

I’ve been out in Cardiff before, but this night was different to any night I have ever experienced in my life. We went to Glam after being told it was a great night out for weekends in Cardiff… However, it was honestly the weirdest night. Admittedly, we did stand out like a sore thumb, all the girls were in small dresses with killer heels, and there we were in vans, a t-shirt and skirt, so I admit that probably didn’t help, but it was honestly like we were famous (in a seriously non-bigheaded way.. I just don’t know how to describe it!) Everyone wanted to talk to us, and dance with us, neither me nor Chantelle had any idea what was going on. On a number of occasions we ended up running away from people, it got that bad.. It was such a surreal night and while nothing like I expected – I mean, according to the dj he was playing house music when in fact it was a definite mix between 00’s pop and R&B.. definitely not house – it will be one I remember. While I probably wouldn’t go back to Glam again on a weekend, it was still a good laugh! We enjoyed ourselves and got home in one piece so can’t complain!

After our trip home on Sunday, we decided we were ready for another night out and headed to Oceana in Southampton’s Foam Party… One warning, check if your allergic to the foam before you start essentially swimming in it! There was so much foam at one point I was completely under it all and couldn’t breathe at all! But that wasn’t the last of it.. I then came up in an allergic reaction to the foam which lasted nearly two weeks.. not a good look!

It was an odd night, I ended up bumping into my ex and his friends, and while me and him were fine, we both knew where we stood, the same couldn’t be said for everyone. However, this was the first night that I had seen him and walked away without crying. I know it may sound pathetic to some, but it was a point for me to realise how strong I had become and how accepting I was that the past had happened and it was now time to make the most of the present. I walked away tear free that night, strong and determined to stay that way.

Cardiff is a beautiful place that I have had the privilege of visiting with those that mean the most to me in life – my wonderful family, my beautiful best friend, and my soul mate.


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