193 days

A good few weeks have passed since my last post and for once, a lot has happened in that time!

Not only have I now finished university (yep.. I’m finished, out in the big wide world as they say), I’m now working full time to save some money, managed to fit in a trip to Cardiff, a trip to Bristol and a trip to Bournemouth, but I’ve also booked my ticket to Australia! That’s right.. I’m officially leaving this country on a one way flight in 193 days!

So.. Until then I should probably update on what’s been going on, the places I’ve been to, and the people I’ve met, but to start it off (seeing as I now have a lot of spare time on my hands) I thought I’d look forward because I cannot wait for the next 6 months!

June cannot come quick enough! A week in the sun with my beautiful best friend and her  family will be wonderful! Then it’s time to savour my tan until graduation in July along with ball (I still need to find a dress or two!). In August I get to be Ana for a day for Telle’s birthday, and then finish off uni in style with an abseil down the spinnaker tower! (Yes I am scared, and yes I now realise just how high it really is.. First time up and first abseil  – can’t go that wrong surely?). Then off for our skydive in September. If you would like to sponsor (I would be eternally grateful). The money is going to a great cause, ‘friends of PICU’ a charity for critically ill children in intensive care at Southampton general hospital.


Then, on November 6th we’re having a leaving party, before heading to Melbourne on the 8th! Spending 6 weeks there (whilst visiting Tasmania of course) before heading to Adelaide for Christmas and then Sydney for new year. Words cannot describe my excitement! It Will be hard to say goodbye, but it will be a good feeling knowing that this past year will be behind me and I’ve got my whole life to look forward to.

So, in the mean time, in going to catch up on everything missed and write nunerous posts for the next 6 months..

Until tomorrow, have a beautiful evening!


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