Mental health is a matter of life

I’m a strong believer that our lives are mapped out and that our decisions made along the way were destined to happen, whether right or wrong. I also believe in second chance, forgiveness, and open mindedness.

This post will, I’m sure, cause annoyance to some, but that is not my intention.

I just watched Louis Theroux: By Reason of Insanity with my parents, and it opened my mind to just how differing views are among people. I mean, I know and understand everyone has a different opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own – for me, I love to hear other people’s views and ideas of life as I like to test my own beliefs, but there are somethings that affect me on more of a personal level.

My dissertation looks at surgery, in particular; weight loss, transgender and cosmetic. Those three areas have already opened my mind to a range of stereotypes and ideas that I never knew existed. I’m open minded to anything anyone goes through, whether that be related to weight, gender, cosmetics, mental stability, I don’t have a negative thought about any of it. We are all on this planet, for reasons we do not yet know, but are all trying to get on by living the life we have been given, so why should others be judged by their decisions, when at the end of the day, none of us can be blamed for the life we have been brought into.

In the episode I just watched, the doctors focused largely on schizophrenia and bipolar – two things I am fully in support of helping because while the scale of them can vary greatly, I have shared experiences with them both. However, watching the programme with my family did make me think, it made me worry also.

I have always been interested in mental health and the control our thoughts have over every action we ever take in life, but never really thought to think what others thought of it all. I knew my parents weren’t open minded about it all like I am, but watching the show, and letting them read my dissertation proved so. This did scare me at first, because I’ve always worried about telling them how I think, how my mind works, or the thoughts I have had because I never knew how they would take it. Part of my thinks that if I tell them, they might become more understanding, but then part of me thinks it might not. Who knows.

What I do know is that I can’t stop the thoughts going through my head, and neither can the people on the show. Ok, some people may exaggerate what they’re going through, you’re right there, but that doesn’t mean those conditions don’t exist, it doesn’t mean they’re lying, it means they’re trapped and have got used to living in that life.

The programme opened my mind in the sense that it made me realise just how vast a scale mental health is, but it also made me realise the negativity around people’s perceptions of it. This, in my opinion, is something that needs to be changed. Suffering with mental health issues isn’t a choice, it isn’t something we agree to and it isn’t an experience to enjoy, but it is, unfortunately a matter of life. So whether your mental health affects the way you act, your decisions or the way you see yourself, that isn’t something you should be blamed for. No one can be blamed for their mental health, but everyone can be supported.

Final add – if my family are reading this, I hope you understand that this isn’t me rebelling against your thoughts or beliefs, this is me being honest and sharing my views and experiences with those in similar situations.


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