Here’s to tomorrow

Doing the right thing always feels like the worse, but I guess if it’s right, then it’s the right thing to do.. right?

I never understand this. I know what is the right thing to do, and I’ve stuck by that, but it feels like the worse decision for me. It’s hard to know when doing the right thing for another person, is doing the right thing by yourself. Letting someone leave your life because you know it’s better for them, but deep down it will break you is a hard decision to make. Of course, in time, we learn to get over things, or at least appear to move on, but how long do you have to wait until you wake up one day and realise that everything is fine, the world is still spinning, and that your emotions don’t actually exist.

I watched another silly romcom today (clearly in that mood) and while he risked everything to tell someone the truth, and was miserable for months, eventually something good happened and everything turned around. This is something I know can come true from films, I guess I’m just waiting for that day when someone’s standing there, looking at me bright eyed, ready to walk me into my new adventure in life. In the mean time, that day seems like light years away, and I’d give anything to hold onto what I have now, even though I know it is not good for me or anyone else involved, it’s just that at this moment, it seems to fix everything.

Now I’m getting older, I’m finding myself looking more towards the future. Seeing how my decisions will affect my future life, and not going to lie, this is something I hate. I miss being able to live in the moment, do what I want, as I want it. I know this is all a decision based on my own mind, something I have full control over changing, it’s just working out at what point, it is safe to do so.

In the mean time, I’ll be here, waiting for that day, hoping to wake up in the morning and take each opportunity as it comes.

So, here’s to tomorrow, who knows what it may bring!


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