Positivity can never go amiss

Thanks to the support of those around me, the openhearted nature of those who have crossed my path, and the love of my family, my life is slowly, but surely, turning around. Today is the day that marks a new positive outlook on life. I can dwindle on the past, relive all those times that made me feel worthless, or I can appreciate all the wonderful people, places and memories I have and are set to have in my life.

A friend told me to look at three positive things in my life at the moment. The first would have to be my family. No matter what situation I have got myself into, whether I’m stropping, smiling, crying, laughing they have supported me along the way. Moving back home has been the best thing for me. Not only do I get the joy of eating my dads beautifully cooked food, and warm gooey cookies, but I’m surrounded by love, positivity, and trust. My family are there for me no matter what. If I need someone to talk to, to turn to, or to laugh with, I always have someone. One of the best things to come out of this past year is how closer it has brought me to my family, I feel I can talk to them about anything and they would support my every decision, allow me to make my own mistakes but also be there to guide me in the right direction.ย My family are wonderful people, and just being back in the house has made me happier than ever.

Another thing to be happy for are the friends I have in my life. I have the wonderful Chantelle who I honestly could not live without. She really is the best thing to ever happen to me and I’m so glad and grateful to have her in my life. She’s supported me through everything but also made me so happy along the way. We’ve had so many great times together, from Center Parks, to prom, to Paris to London, along with our numerous nights out, we may be getting older, but I’m most definitely not going to get old without her! She will be in my future no matter what happens and I will always support her through everything. Along with Chantelle I have so many other wonderful people in my life, from course friends, to school friends, to people I have met along with way, I cannot thank them enough. I have had a lot of people talk to me about my blog posts, asking questions about my past, and as weird as it seems, it has helped me tremendously. I’m always nervous to put my life on the internet, some people don’t understand me for it, others question what I have to say, but when people come to me in support, and in aid, I’ve never felt less alone. It’s those people that have encouraged me to speak up, free my mind, and be who I want to be.ย They’ve made me feel welcome, wanted, and have given me hope.

The final thing I have to be thankful at the moment, is the future. While nothing is ever certain and my path can take me anywhere, it feels great to be able to think of the future without worrying. To be on my own journey around the world this time next year, meeting new people, seeing old faces, would be perfect. It feels great to be able to look to the future and realise my past doesn’t have to determine what will happen. It’s what I make of it and it’s in my control. Things happen for a reason, we all learn from our mistakes and at our weakest we are our strongest which is something I’m so proud to admit. Being at my weakness allowed me to reach out to those around me, ask for help, and be guided in the direction I needed. Without my family, friends I wouldn’t be where I am today.


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