What a crazy family we are…

So today, me being me, I offered a stranger a lift home and you know what, he took it! But the poor boy was in for a shock when he met the family!

I’ll start from the beginning though! Basically, I’ve moved home for a bit, stress of uni creating illness, preventing me from having a lift andwhatnot, so after work today, I got the train home.

Waiting patiently in the rain for my parents on their way back from Tesco’s a guy asked me if taxis’ come to Swanwick often. After pointing out that there is a taxi rank up the road, but unfortunately it was empty, he would have to phone a taxi.

A family next to us were phoning the local companies, but unfortunately, whether it was because it was raining, or it was a Saturday, or maybe even both.. there was a 45 minute wait! So what did I go and do, offer the guy a lift.

He was off to his girlfriends for the night and after finding out where she lived, I phoned my mum and asked if we could take a friend home.. not telling her this was a very new friend!

I told my new friend, asked his name, and then asked if he had ever killed anyone, luckily, he said no, so in the car he got!

Once in the car, christ! We must have seen crazy.

Sounds crazy I know, but he was the one if for a shock when he met my family, but somehow, he seemed really nice, chatty, and went along with what they were saying!

As soon as we got in the car my parents were going on about how someone stole their pound coin out of their trolley at Tesco, then started telling me and him how my granddad proposed to someone before my nan, then went on to tell him about childhood friends.

We then dropped him off at his girlfriends house and that’s when I told my parents. My did they laugh!

They weren’t shocked either, dad was happy we had done someone a good deed and they did think it was suspicious when he didn’t know where he lived.

Overall, he gotย a free lift, and we did a good deed for the day while proving just how crazy us Heno’s are!


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