Travelling the world

I’ve been so slack at blogging lately – but then again, I swear I start most my posts like that! Anyway, newest update on my life, apart from finally being free and happy – something I’ve not felt in a long time, but also something I hope never leaves.. I’m going travelling. Or well, planning to! Me and my best friend FORVER Chantelle are out of this country and into the world, just a shame it’s not for another 9 months! The plan so far is to fly to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, then off on Adelaide for Christmas, Sydney for New Years, then travel up the coast of Australia before heading to Fiji and New Zealand, money considering we then want to fly out to Hawaii then travel across America – but that’s wishful thinking – we will see how it goes! While it’s still a while away yet, we’ve got many things planned, with a new adventure each month, from abseiling down the spinnaker tower to festivals, we want this to be the start of a great year. We both deserve it after what we’ve been through, so why not follow our dreams? Paris was just the beginning! 2015/01/img_1805.jpg


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