Life’s but a dream

Sometimes you fall asleep feeling alone, but you are not. You are far from alone. It is at this point in time that you share a wonderful experience, experienced by many thousands around you. You may lay alone, but your actions are shared. Many thousands of people are sleeping right this minute, and for that experience, you share. In spirit and in physicality we all sleep, and from that we are all blessed with the ability to dream. Life is but a dream, but it’s life that gives us dreams. You may not remember your dream, you may have a restless sleep, but all will be triggered by your state of mind of which we need to look after. Take a moment to appreciate the power of sleeping. The beauty it creates and the life we live both in it and because of it. You are anything but alone. You are surrounded by people dreaming a dream like yours, you are your dream, you are the creator of and it’s your time to dream.


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