Day 3

Today was our full day in Paris, so, after a lie in, we headed for the Champs Élysées! With a day of sight seeing and shopping ahead of us, we thought we’d start the day right and find a patisserie! You’d think being in the centre of Paris there’d be patisseries everywhere, but alas, that is not the situation. We were searching for over an hour and a half down all the side roads, even restoring to cafés! But my were they hard to find! Eventually we came across a beautiful, extremely busy cafe, but it suited us nicely. After gawping at the food for a good ten minutes at least we decided on a baguette each, it was then time to choose a dessert! With a bit of help from the assistant, I decided on a traditional French chocolate gutter cream cake, while Telle went for the modern version with a chocolate mousse. Needless to say, we were both in heaven when tasting them! The food in the cafe was beautiful. The fresh baguette and French cheese was like no other sandwich I’ve had before, definitely worth the long search!

After filling ourselves up to the brim we headed back to the Champs Élysées for some shopping and sight seeing. Wondering in and out of the shops we decided to head for the market. The shops there are beautiful, but rather highly priced, so the market seemed much more up our street! We wandered around the market, each buying a beautiful handmade ring each. We also brought Christmas baubles to remind ourselves of our time in Paris, finishing off with pendants! After a stroll up and down the avenue, a photo in front of the Arc de Triomphe. We decided to head to the Louvre.

Wandering around the grounds, amazed at the beautiful skill and art work outside, we decided to step inside. The work inside the museum was astonishing and got us talking about a number of things, and of course, we saw the Mona Lisa.

All the walking of the day tired us out, so it was soon time for food! With all the restaurants on the avenue of Champs Elsyees being Italian, we decided to head in one. While the food was beautiful, the waiter was somewhat rude, so we dragged out our sitting, ignoring his plea for us to pay, and made the most of the evening while intentionally annoying him. Sounds rude, but I’ve never had treatment like it in a restaurant and if I could’ve complained I would, but he wouldn’t have understood me, and I don’t think google translate would’ve done a good enough job!

After walking through the market a number if times, we thought it would be a good idea to try one of the French waffles for sale! With chocolate sauce, cream and Malteasers – who could say no! A broken spoon later, chocolate sauce all over the floor, side and my face, it was safe to say I was full – but most definitely enjoyed it! It was then time to finish our stroll along the market, enjoy the Christmas music and admire the beautiful gifts before taking one last look at the Eiffel Tower at night. With it’s hourly Christmas display, it was a beautiful sight to see and one we were happy to see just before bed!

It was a wonderful day walking along the avenue and one I’ll cherish, but my feet are feeling abused and are longing for a rest! With a few souvenirs for home, it was a day well spent!







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  1. Moritz says:

    It’s kind of weird. Always when you are searching for a nice cafe, you won’t find any and I’ve you are not hungry, you are seing dozens of awesome places. Anyway, nice to see that you found the perfect cafe in the end. The food looks delicious!

    1. Its always the way! We found a number of cafes once we had eaten – typical! But cant complain, the cakes were amazing!

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