Day 2

So today, we left for Paris! Up at 6 for our train at 8:30, we couldn’t have been happier to wake up so early! We got the Eurostar over to Paris, which, not going to lie, was a bit of a let down. No sudden drops when going under grown, didn’t feel ourselves coming back up either, and the tunnel, well, we missed it it was that quick! But otherwise, it was a nice journey. Just like any other train really, but with beautiful countryside views throughout.

Once getting to Paris, it was then time to find our hotel.. Which could’ve gone worse! We decided to walk, walk to – I have no idea, so we had to resort to the metro after wandering around all the French side lanes getting lost. The metro itself is pretty easy to work out, and got us there in no time! Once at the hotel, and travelled in the most tiny, triangular lift I’ve ever seen in my life, we reached our room – which is beautiful. Views to the streets below, just what we wanted!

It was then off to the Eiffel Tower of course! With our lack of French mapping, the metro is now our best friend! Jumping on the train to the metro, we were shocked to see a double decker train, so obviously, we sat on the top deck! Then, to top off the amazing train journey, arriving in front of the Eiffel Tower was memorising. I knew it was big, but this was huge! All the detail in every piece of architecture was amazing. After a few photos we joint the queue to go up it!

Once in the lift, it got a little scary but the views took all that away, first up to the second floor where you can see out across the whole of Paris – I’ve never seen views like it! Then we headed up to the top. It took a lot longer than I thought to get the lift up there, and it wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be, but my was it high! But yet again, the views were amazing! Once back on the second floor we decided to walk down. Along the way down we stopped off at the first floor to admire the ice rink, then took our final steps back down to ground. Looking back at it now, I don’t know how we managed to walk down!

Once down we strolled over to the Trocadero, and took a wonder round the streets nearby, eating in a French restaurant. The food was wonderful, with a duck main and chocolate cake pudding, along with some beautiful white wine, we couldn’t fault it!

After filing ourselves up, we took a wander down to the Champs des Élysées where we were taken back by the beauty of the markets. The avenue looked festive with all the Christmas lights, leading you down to the wonderful Christmas market. After visiting the Arc de Triomphe we enjoyed a lovely walk though the Christmas market, enjoying the smells of the traditional French food, admiring the beautifully hand-crafted gifts, and taking in the festive spirits. To save ourselves for the next day, we decided to head home, but it is safe to say, we definitely saw Paris that day! The views were astonishing, the food was gorgeous, and the atmosphere throughout was wonderful. A great start to our French adventure!














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