Day 1

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland was the most festive filled, lovingly friendly, smile enhancing place I’ve ever been to. People everywhere were happy, no one looked out of place, no one looked sad to be there. Every person there was making the most of all the attractions, food, drink, stalls and music, preparing for Christmas!

We spent the day in London – took a stroll along Oxford Street, before heading over to Hyde Park at 4. We thought we’d struggle to pass the time, but 6 hours later we didn’t want to leave.

The market itself is huge – took us 2 hours to walk around it all, smelling all the fresh food cooking, tasting festive drinks, admiring the amazing artwork and gifts for sale. The stalls ranged in variety, from Christmas ornaments to candles to coasters to knitwear, there was a gift for everyone. The number of food stalls were mind blowing, and their smells even more. Foods from all over the world gathered in the market, leaving you lost for choice and forever hungry. Sticking in the festive spirit we went for the hog roast and would definitely recommend it, the meat wS so soft and full of flavour! It was pudding galore at the market, from the Spanish churro to the Danish chimney, there was so much to choose from! When it came to bars, you were definitely spoilt for choice. With so many places to choose from, live music throughout, you were drawn into each and every bar. From hot chocolate to mulled wine and cider, it’s money well spent!

After wondering around the stalls we headed over to the Ice Kingdom. Safe to say we were not prepared for the temperature. Expecting it to be cold, we wrapped up in hats, scarves, gloves, jumpers and coats – but this was not enough! I’ve never felt cold like it, so if you’re thinking of heading inside, make sure you wrap up really really warm – it took ages for us to thaw out! All that aside, it really was magical inside the Ice Kingdom, with a number of ice sculptures ranging from the sword and the stone, to a beautiful owl, to a magnificent fairytale castle and dragon, the talent shown was extraordinary. We took up the option to use the ice slide – as fun as it is, don’t doubt how cold the ice is! We also took our rightful seats upon the Ice Kingdom thrones for our photos, again giving is very cold bottoms! Definitely an attraction worth visiting!

We then spent the next three hours dancing our lives away in the main bar. I’ve honesty not had that much fun in ages! The live band were amazing! They looked like they enjoyed being on stage and the crowd most certainly loved them! Everyone dancing around with their litre of beer in the air, it was a scene is only ever seen in films! Surrounded by laughter, people of all ages were dancing the night away, making friends with one another and spreading festive cheer. We made a number of friends last night, all so very different, but all there to have a good time and let their hair down for Christmas! It honestly was a brilliant night and one I won’t be forgetting any time soon!

If you’re heading to London over the holidays be sure to visit Winter Wonderland, you won’t be disappointed, you’ll enjoy yourself from start to finish and will leave feeling refreshed and thankful for the festive season!


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