Another journey

I’m surrounded by people on this train, all with different stories, different pasts, on different journeys and I’ve never once realised how eventful one life can be, and how sacred this gift is. Everyone’s on their own journey, the journey to fulfill their goals in life, to be who they want to be, even if we don’t know it. The significance of this train ride may not be obvious but the effect it has on your life is eternal. The place its taking you to, the people you’re going to meet, the life experiences along its path. Just getting a train to work everyday will have a huge impact on not only your day but your life.

I’m surrounded by people but I don’t know their stories, and never will. People are experiencing happiness, pain, sorrow, hope, all around us, all of the time but we are just oblivious unless its our own. Each and every one of us has a story to tell, with ups and downs, but if we support each other and appreciate everything we experience in life it will all be worth it because what is life if we’re not living.


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