They live on in everything we do

I didn’t realise how long ago it was that I wrote a blog post, nearly a month – this summer really has gone quick! So I thought I would give an update on my, one thing a day task!

Since setting myself the goal of doing or finding something everyday that reminds me of me, and what I believe in I have only had one day off in the past month where I’ve just spent the day in my own company. In the past I would have done anything to just sit and appreciate my own company, but this summer I have spoken people I haven’t seen in years, been to new places, and met new people and I loved every part of it.

I’ve met up with old school friends and found out what their plans are, where their paths have taken them, and what their future entails. I’ve loved hearing everyone’s stories and I’ve loved being a part of them. While this has led to me becoming a regular at the local pubs, I’ve enjoyed every part of it.

Every person I’ve met up with, whether they were a school friend, college friend, or family friend they’ve all brought a part of me back. I love each and every one of them for different reasons and reminding myself of this, reminded me of myself. I’ve made more friends since, and hope to hold them close for many years to come.

I blocked out friends and family and had no idea I had done it. I hate how it had to get to extremes for me to realise, but I guess any realisation is better than none and I’m so glad to have so many friends around me that brighten and enlighten each day that I’m here. I owe them so much and hope they will be forever in my life, but I know that they will be forever in my heart.

We have one of the greatest powers possible, but also one of the most painful, even when people pass through our lives and move on to the next phase, they still live on, their memories stay within, and they will be forever alive. We will never lose the ones that meant something to us, the ones that changed us for the better, the ones that helped us through the hard times, but we can also never forget. They had an impact on our lives for a reason. They gave our lives a reason, and with that, their heart and souls will live on in everything we do.



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