Catching up on time

Its scary just how quick time flies and its even scarier how quickly people change and grow.

This week I’ve made it my aim to catch up with those friends that have always been there for me, so last night we had a girls night and went out for drinks.
It was great seeing everyone and hearing where their paths have taken them.

Once leaving school everyone went such different ways its hard to keep up to date with where everyone is heading.

We spoke about everything, uni, work, home, relationships and it was nice to realise that even four years we were all still as close as ever.

What was weird though, or at least it was for me, was how quickly you forget everything that happens to you. When asked straight out ‘what have you been up to’ I always say not much, not much has happened to me. It wasn’t until people mention specifics that memories come flying back.

Its weird how we go through each day, with tiny things feeling as though they will have a huge impact on our life, that at the time they seemed impossible to forget, yet come the next day there is already something new and suddenly, yesterdays problems seem incomparable!

Catching up with old friends might seem like an awkward or sometimes daunting experience, but when you remember just how close you once were, it feels as though nothing ever changed.

When you catch up with old friends, you not only learn about them and their lives, you also realise just how far you’ve come, and how much stronger times makes you. 


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