My walking angel

“We were walking down the street together, talking away when he just picked me up in the air and span me around in front of everyone, for no reason. It was, he is amazing!”

Sounds like another fairytale scene right? The one where the guy is everything the girl could ever dream of – good looking, intelligent, funny, romantic and spontaneous – but this isn’t another fairytale dream, its the life a beautiful, young, inspirational woman is living. And this is a woman, I am proud to call my friend.

Everyone knows the typical relationship portrayed in films – people fall in love, they’re both beautiful on the outside, but when together, they are beautiful throughout. They complete each other, support each other and work with each other, all due to the love that they share.

Not to put a downer on things, but I both love and hate these films. I love them because of how happy they make you feel, and how much hope they give you for life. Everyone falls in love, everyone gets what they deserve and everyone dies happy. But what I don’t like about these films is how easy these are portrayed – but nonetheless, this isn’t going to stop me watching them.

All the soppy, romance stuff in films leaves most people thinking ‘that never happens in real life’ ‘prince charming will never arrive’ ‘people don’t act like that in reality. I wasn’t much of a believer either until meeting my friend.

She really is living the fairytale life. She’s with, what sounds like, the perfect guy for her, she’s so much happier than I’ve seen her before, and stronger than ever. But the twist in this story is, they both know the relationship is soon to end, torn between religion and life.

They go out to restaurants, just for dessert. He picks her up in the middle of the street to show her off to everyone around them. They walk side by side, strong in their stride that they are both happy – even though they know it is not forever.

There is not one other person I know that I would want more to have this fairytale. I would wish anything for it to have a happy ending, because without her, I wouldn’t be strong, I wouldn’t be open minded, and I wouldn’t have the courage to fight life as it comes at me. This woman has more thrown at her than imaginable, yet she fights through it all and no matter what, looks at the bright side of life. She’s able to come out of every situation smiling, waiting to fight off the next one.

She is a walking angel and I’m proud to call her my friend.

She deserves the world, and her fairytale.


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