Girls girls girls

I posted a video on Facebook the other day, one that I found online explaining how girls should be girls and that we shouldn’t have to explain or be embarrassed of our actions.

When walking to see Alex the other day it hit me how dreadfully real the issue is.

I saw a girl cycling a bmx with a group of guys and instantly remembered being in the same situation. When I was at school I would rather hang out with groups of guys than girls. Some people didn’t have a problem with it, some girls would say I was attention seeking, and guys would ask if I was a lesbian.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with bring a lesbian – far from it! If you’re happy then I’m happy, to me loving a person isn’t based on their sexuality, its based upon their personality.

Anyway, coming away from that tangent, I always tell people how I went through every stereotypical stage possible when I was younger. Not because I was attention seeking, but because I was curious. Curious to find out who I was as a person. Curious to find myself.

Every time I tried something new, people would say I should act more like a girl but what does a girl act like? We are all different people, like different things and our sexuality shouldn’t define the way we act, dress, socialise, our personality should. There are billions of girls on this planet, with many more to come and many that have passed but I can guarantee not two looked or acted the same. Why are girls from such a young age encouraged to act like girls instead of themselves?

I’m not what people would class as girly, I mean for a first I don’t like the colour pink (apparently a must if I’m female). But I’m happy as I am, and I wouldn’t want to be something I’m not. After all, if we all look, act, socialise in the same way not one person would stand out, and not one person would be different to the next. So what would be the point in meeting new people?


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