So after an eventful flight home Wednesday night, I finally arrived home last night from two weeks in Tunisia with Sam.

We stayed at the Riu Marco Polo in Yasmine Hammamet, and to be honest, I couldn’t fault the hotel one bit! The rooms were immaculate, the food amazing, the pool even better, and with camels on the private beach – there was nothing to complain about! The staff were great entertainers, helpful and friendly to everyone. There was a real mixture of guests at the hotel, it might have been due to it only being mid-season, but the atmosphere was great, from young couples, to families, to the older generations – I did not see one person not enjoying their holiday!

The hotel itself included watersports on the beach – one of the main reasons why we chose the hotel to be honest! On our first outing we climbed on board a pedlo, every adults favourite water toy and went out until it was deep enough to dive in a see what was hiding in the sea. After a couple of jumps we both shit ourselves when we saw we were surrounded by jellyfish – that was the end out our pedlo outing! In the same day, we decided to climb into a double canoe and see what the marina was like – big mistake! Although we enjoyed the trip round there as the waves were getting stronger throwing us around and making us laugh – we got into a bit of trouble! Once entering the marina we sat and watched the boats for a few minutes until we saw a boat heading straight for us, in our panic we started paddling away back to the hotel. I don’t know what we were expecting to happen, because of course the boat was going to catch up with us. Anyway they started trying to talk to us, and were asking what hotel we were in, after a long time of shouting Marco Polo, off they went. Until we saw them parked up outside our hotel with police jackets on – the hotel then got in trouble. While we don’t know what exactly happened, we weren’t told, and weren’t told off either – I’d avoid getting in trouble with Tunisian police, and avoid canoeing into the marina – just to be on the safe side!

We went to the Friguia Park while we were there. While some of the animals looked like they could have been fed a little more, the zoo itself was fun and a great way to spend the morning. It’s not massive, so couldn’t have spent more than a few hours there, but it was great nonetheless! Whilst there we were able to climb into the enclosures to feed elephants, kangaroos, hold lion cubs, it was a great experience and very cheap too! There were also African dancers putting on shows throughout the day which was amazing to watch and be a part of! It’s definitely worth a visit to the park, especially if you’re like me and in love with elephants – it will definitely not be a day to forget!

Another trip we went on was a day spent on a Pirate Ship. We weren’t too sure what to expect from the trip, but it was great fun! Once on board the staff were constantly entertaining, dancing, singing, climbing – it was a great show that you could not fault! The views from the boat were amazing and even better when we were allowed to climb up the side of the ship and jump into the water. As scary as it first seemed (terrifying in fact) once you landed in the water and looked up, you wondered why you were so scared in the first place! I then spent the whole afternoon, in bare feet, dancing on boiling hot floor under the midday sun – while it was great fun, but I’ve never been so hot in my life. I was pulled up to dance with the staff and spent the afternoon running around and climbing on people’s backs while they led on a bed of nails. Scary as it was – I had an amazing time!

While there we took a couple of trips down to the Medina. The sole purpose of the medina is to attract tourists, so don’t expect anything traditional – but nonetheless, it was a great way to spend a couple of hours! The first trip was fine, hardly any hassle and everyone was friendly, even managed to buy a shisha! On the second trip however, most people we encountered were rather rude, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. But I wouldn’t want that to put people off, you’ve just got to be stern and walk on!

Other than that, we spent most of the time lazy around on the beach and swimming up to the pool bar 24/7. While the weather wasn’t great – in the two weeks we only had 5 days of sun, it was a great holiday and I loved every minute of it! I wouldn’t slate the hotel one bit and would recommend it to anyone! Well worth a visit!


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