Another step closer

So a couple weeks back I applied for a student editor’s job, and frankly I didn’t think I had a chance at getting it. Not only did I think there would be better candidates for  the role, but they also wanted first and second year students starting in September. I’m going to be in third year so I didn’t put any hope into getting the job. 

Last week I had a phone interview. That could have gone better. While I was honest, I think I was probably a bit too honest. I was asked what my weakness was. I said I can’t say no. That was the last question they asked me and after my reply I was certain I had no hope. 

They then phoned me Wednesday just gone to tell me I had got the job. Shocked as I was, I couldn’t have been happier. I’m so excited to start the job, and to get involved with the company it’s just a shame it doesn’t all start until August!  

For the job I have to find a team of journalists and photographers within Portsmouth to help build a student newspaper. They can write about what they want as long as it affects students, and helps them with their day to day life. From fashion, to music events, to advice, the publication covers everything and I can’t wait to meet people who want to get involved. I then have to monitor what everyone is covering and help them wherever they need my help, and I can’t wait! 

The hard part is finding those who want to get involved. Being part of the publication will allow students to write about what they want because it’s more or less, probably what every other student wants. It just might be hard spreading the word and getting people involved. 

Another plus side to the editor’s job is that it is paid. For years now I have said repeatedly, like any other student, I want to travel. I set this blog up hoping that one day, it will be able to map my travels and take me one step closer to being a travel writer. And now, with this job, I’m that little bit closer to the dream. My plan is: to stay working at Boots, write for the paper, and save the money from the paper for my travels. Hopefully, by the end of next year I will have enough to travel here there and everywhere. 

I want to jump out of a plane, ride an elephant, scuba dive in the great barrier reef, rent a camper van and tour America. Every dream anyone has ever had I want. I want to stand at the top of a mountain and realise just how far I’ve come. 


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