Caught up in time

Wow, I really didn’t realise how long ago it was that I blogged?! Been a while, and for that I am sorry!

Update on my life recently:

Last place I left off properly (about two months ago – wow time flies) was me explaining about being nervous for my scans at hospital. All is well! Nothing serious was found and after a week or so away from university I was back working away as usual!

What else has happened since?

Well apart from it being exam time – the worst time of year – it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve got through a lot better this year and apart from the odd hiccup, I’m proud of myself, and how everything is turning out.

My last (of 10 exams) is on the 6th of June, and then on the 11th, I head off to Tunisia for two weeks with Sam. Words cannot express how excited I am to be away from exams, and uni, and work! I’ve been wanting to escape from it all for so long, and to know it is less than a month away now is unbearable. I can’t wait for the sun, the crystal clear waters, and the lazy days. Just what I need after the past few months I’ve had!

In the past two months I also went to my local newspaper, The Southern Daily Echo, to do some work experience and absolutely loved it. It’s so different doing work experience now I’m older – they treat you like you’re an adult. I went to a few inquests, auditions for X-Factor and carried out a feature for football grounds – I absolutely loved it!

Other than that right now, I’m not sure what else has happened to me?

That is the most up to date, update I can give you right now, until I remember anymore that has happened, have a nice weekend!


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