Letting nerves get the best of me

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty scared about today. Actually, I don’t know if scared is the right word. I’m not scared about what will happen, more nervous. 

So, in about an hours time, I’ll be going into hospital to have scans done. Probably sounds like nothing to most people, but for someone who isn’t used to hospitals, and doesn’t like the thought of them, it’s not a great feeling!

I know nothing can go wrong, it’s just the thought of it all, and me over worrying about what they will have to do. But it’s the thought that’s making me worry. But like I’ve said before – thought processes don’t exist therefore we shouldn’t let them get in our way. 

Yes I’m nervous about today, but I’m going to go in with the out look that being scared, or frightened, or nervous wont get me anywhere. I can feel all of these things, yes, but it wont change a thing. I will still have the scan, and I will still get the same results – whatever they shall be. 

Today is going to be a tester. I’m going to go into the hospital thinking only positive things, because nothing negative can come out of this. Even if the results were to be bad, it’s a good thing that I’m going in to get everything checked – therefore, a positive outcome will come of it. 

Today I will be strong and not let thought’s control what actually happens.

Why let non-existent thoughts alter reality when you can make reality what ever you want it to be. 


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