So I got told off by my nan the other day. The reason being? I haven’t blogged in over a month. I honestly hadn’t realised myself that it had been that long. Sorry!

The reason for not blogging, I guess, would be that nothing has happened to blog about. Well that’s what I originally thought but actually it’s the complete opposite. I’ve been too busy.

This past month has definitely been different. I mean, first of all, I now have a boyfriend!? Shocker I know! This is something I didn’t think would happen for a long time. But that said, I’m happy at the moment, really happy so i’m not complaining!

I’ve also been to London, designed tshirts, tie dyed a quilt (awesome I know!?) it was my birthday as well, but that’s another blog post in itself!

I’ve had a few problems the last month what with health and all that but I’ve got a lot of support and love everyone around me.

All of that I’m sure I’ll explain in some other post. I promise to try and blog more.. Try at least!

Anyway, in short, I’m happy right now. Happier than I have been in a while. So here’s to the new year!


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