Review: Peach and the New Beats

Unique duo, Peach and the New Beats revealed their outstanding musical talents in an intimate performance in Old Portsmouth.

Singer, Hayley Alker and guitarist, Gary Shaw, carried out their debut performance to a small, but appreciative crowd at Still and West.

They performed a number of original tracks as well as their own creative take on classics such as Elvis Presley’s ‘Teddy bear’ and Frankie Valli’s ‘I Love you baby’.

The band describe their music as a mixture of blues, jazz and down tempo which, matched with the stunning views across the harbour, set a beautiful atmosphere for everyone watching.

Hayley’s delicate, seductive voice shone when she performed a cover of Dean Martin’s ‘Sway with me’ showing off the duo’s true uniqueness and musical chemistry.

They then performed unrecognisable, artistic covers of pop songs ‘Umbrella’ and ‘Back to Black’. 

Peach and the New Beats entertained and enlightened their audience with an imaginative and quirky performance that showed their true passion and love for music.



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