“If you don’t s…

“If you don’t stand for something, you wont stand for anything”

To look at this quote straight out, it probably seems a little confusing – that I agree with, but in it’s context it really isn’t. My counsellor said it to me the other day when I was explaining how my weekend had been. She explained to me, that if I don’t stand up for myself now, I wont ever be able to do it in the future. At the time, I wasn’t sure whether she was right or not, but now looking back, I guess she was. I let people walk over me for the simple reason that I would rather others were happy than me, but I’ve been told this isn’t the right thing to do. I’ve been told I need to stand up for myself, and stand up to those who say otherwise – because if I don’t do it now, I wont be able to do it later. So here’s to a new approach, a new stronger, louder Lauren. Today I will stand for what I deserve. Stand for what I believe in. Stand for all that I can achieve. 


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