Baby steps

I haven’t written for a week – how!? I was on a roll! Time is seriously flying by recently, so much it’s scaring me! I feel like time is passing by quicker than I’m living it. Like I’m not making the most of the time I have, or doing the things I want to do. I mean it’s a month until Christmas – how!? Doesn’t feel two months ago that I was celebrating it last year, I still even think Christmas the year before was no more than 6 months ago. I’m not watching the clock, but I wish I was!

Anyway – that was slightly off track. But in some ways it probably wasn’t. The inspiration behind this post is somewhat related to time, but only in the aspect of my future.

Lately I’ve been complaining a lot about my course. Expressing my concerns over the lack of information I’ve learnt, the lack of skills I’ve developed, the lack of commitment it has given me to both my course and my future career. I’ve thought long and hard the past month what would happen if I was to drop out. Where would I end up, would it be worth while, do I even want to be a Journalist. To be honest, until last night, I thought that dream was over. I was ready to think up a new one.

I was certain that I had gone off the idea of being a Journalist. My course, while it is good, and the lecturers are amazing, it made me think that being a Journalist wasn’t for me. I like to talk, yes, I like to write, obviously, but I didn’t think I was cut out for the job.

It was until I was thrown in the driving seat that I realised why I wanted to become a Journalist in the first place.

I have had countless work experience placements, have numerous places lined up, write for a number of organisations now – but I don’t realise how much I love all this until I’m doing it.

Last night I was invited to a Gala Reception for Global Entrepreneurship Week. I admit, before hand I was so scared. My stomach was doing flips and I was nervous about what I would have to do but it all came together.

As soon as I arrived at the event I was treated the same as everyone else. No-one looked down at me because I was a teenager, or because I was a student. I was given a name badge the same as everyone else and was introduced to all the guests.

The reason behind my invitation was CommunityUK. This is an online company I have recently joined where I write news articles for their website. The man behind the business, Peter, has really helped me in so many ways already. Last night he wanted me to attend the event in order to write a feature on it afterwards – fine I thought. Nothing out of the ordinary. But once there, he got me to interview a number of people all of which are very high up in the city. It was a great experience for me, and while it was easing me into the job, it gave me the chance to see what being a journalist is like. Because after all, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Work experience isn’t the same – they treat you different. They know you’re not sticking around, they know you’re not that trained so they don’t talk to you the same as they do others, but last night was different. Everyone treated me as though I was a Journalist, they all believed I was. The thing that helped me was my ability to write in shorthand.

Everyone was both surprised and happy that I could write in Shorthand. They all asked the question “Do they still teach it in school then?” It was a surprise to me too. I know shorthand is essentialย to the career but I didn’t realise how people instantly associate it with professionalism. I was told that if you can write in shorthand, you are on your way to becoming a true journalist.

Last night re-sparked my want, need, dream to be a Journalist. I knew it was always there inside me, I just needed to be thrown in the deep end to realise it.

Sometimes it’s good to swim without armbands. It reminds you that your fears are just a figment of your imagination.


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