Choosing your second family

I honestly wouldn’t wish for a better second family. 

My second family are my friends. They are the people I spend every day with, wake up to every morning and say goodnight to every evening. They are the people I share my life with, every hour, every minute, every second of my life with and I wouldn’t wish it any other way. 

I have someone I can say just about anything to. They listen to me moan. They listen to me gossip. They listen to me cry. They are always there for me no matter what and I’m always there for them. It’s a friendship different to any other, a friendship so strong yet built in less than a year. A friendship I’d never want to loose. They really are my rock. 

I have that friend, that no matter what mood I’m in, no matter how I feel, what I do, they can always make me laugh. They truly are a magnificent person. They brighten up my day instantly. Make me feel welcome. They are there for me no matter what time of day and will do all they can to cheer me up. They are my sunshine basically. 

I also have a friend who, to me, is a role model. They’ve done so much with their life already, at such a young age, and I would love to be like them. They introduce me to exciting and new things. Show me hobbies and interests I’ve never tried before. They’ve made me want to do everything and anything. They’ve shown me that money really is no matter, and that with the right frame of mind, I can do just about anything. They are my inspiration to live. 

There is another friend I have. A friend who will just happily sit there in silence with me. A friend who can tell instantly when I’m down but instead of prying for information they will just sit there and give me company. We share the same interests, likes, dislikes – something I’ve never had before. They are my home. 

The other friend I have is new to me, but in no time at all they have shown me how to be true to myself. They are not afraid to be who they want to be, not afraid to show off what they love. They’ve shown me how to make the most of who I am. They don’t listen to what people say about them, they are true and honest. They are my confidence. 

I didn’t plan to be part of this family. I didn’t expect to be so close to them, but I am. I wouldn’t want it to be any other way. The thought of not being with them is something I cannot imagine. I love them all in such different ways, ways I’ve never known before. They all give me something I will treasure forever and will never forget. I’ve had the most amazing memories with each and everyone of them and hope they never even. 

I couldn’t wish for a better family. 


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