Just the beginning

After a complicated and draining month, I decided to start fresh. I decided to sort out as many of my problems as possible, and just move on from those I couldn’t sort. As a mark for my new start I decided I wanted to change my appearance. My first thought was to cut my hair off, this I still want to do. The reason why this didn’t happen: I don’t know of any good hairdressers in Southsea that I could trust to do such a big change, and I don’t know how I would want to change it. I do still want it cut, I’ve just got to solve both of those problems. Maybe a fringe? Maybe a bob? Who knows! In the mean time, I decided to dye my hair. This, I can assure you, was a very instant, spontaneous decision. To be honest I still don’t know why I decided to dye my hair, but I like it now so there’s nothing to complain about! We dyed the bottom half of my hair brown. I’ve dyed my hair brown once before, but that was all over. Admittedly, I would love to do it again, but everyone tell’s me not to. Since dying the bottom of my hair, it’s made me want to dye it brown even more, but I’ll give it time first and see how I get on! But as I said, this is a new start. A new beginning. This is me trying to enjoy my life. Make the most of what it has to offer. To be strong, defeat my problems head on, to sort myself out and be who I want to be. This is my time to be me. This is my time to reach the stars.


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